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What is the “Ennichi” ?

During the Edo period (1603-1868), the world’s situation became more stable and the system of “Ennichi” began.
Ennichi is a day on which it is believed that one can establish a strong connection with  Buddha.
The origin is not clear, but some believe that it is the birthday of a deity or Buddha.
For example, in the case of Kannon, one of the auspicious days is July 10 (or August 10 depending on the temple or area), and paying a visit on this day is equivalent to paying a visit for 46,000 days.
It is said that if you visit the temple on this day, you will receive the same merit as if you had visited the temple for 46,000 days.
In addition to these days, there are other special days such as the 8th of every month for Yakushi Nyorai, the 28th for Fudo Myoo, and the day of the Snake for Benzaiten.
These are the days when the temple grounds become more lively than usual.
It is said that the reason there are so many food and fun stalls is to make the temple more lively.

Main fair days
5th: Suitengu Shrine
8th: Yakushi Nyorai
10th Konpira Shrine
13th: Emptiness Bodhisattva
18th Kannon Bodhisattva
21st Kobo Daishi
24th Jizo Bodhisattva
25th Tenjin
28th Fudo Myoo
The Torano-hi (Tiger day)of the 1st, 5th, and 9th Bishamonten *1
Benzaiten on the day of the Tutitomi and snake *2
The day of the horse, Inari
The Torano-hi (Tiger day)  2022
January 1 (Sat) 13 (Thu) 25 (Tue)
February 6 (Sun) 18 (Fri)
March 2 (Wed) 14 (Mon) 26 (Sat)
April 7 (Thu) 19 (Tue)
May 1 (Sun) 13 (Fri) 25 (Wed)
June 6 (Mon) 18 (Sat) 30 (Thu)
July 12 (Tue) 24 (Sun)
August 5 (Fri) 17 (Wed) 29 (Mon)
September 10 (Sat) 22 (Thu)
October 4 (Tue)  28 (Fri)
November 9 (Wed) 21 (Mon)
December 3 (Sat) 15 (Thu) 27 (Tue)
Tiger Day refers to the Japanese zodiac sign, the tiger.
Since ancient times, tigers have been believed to bring money luck in China.
This is because its fur is golden.
And Bishamonten is believed to be the god of wealth and happiness in Japan.
Bishamonten’s most famous blessings are money, luck, and prosperity.
It is also believed to bring good health, good health and longevity.
As a messenger of Bishamonten, the tiger is said to run a thousand miles in one night, and used to go around asking people’s wishes on behalf of Bishamonten.
For this reason, the day of the tiger is a Bishamonten’s lucky day.
day of  The Tutitomi and the day of the snake 2022
January 4 (Tue) 16 (Sun) day of  The Tutitomi 28 (Fri)
February 9 (Wed) 21 (Tue)
March 5 (Sat) 17 (Thu)  day of  The Tutitomi 29 (Tue)
April 10 (Sun) 22 (Fri)
May 4 (Wed) 16 (Mon) 28 (Sat)
June 9 (Thu) 21 (Tue)
July 3 (Sun) 15 (Fri)  day of  The Tutitomi 27 (Wed)
August 8 (Mon) 20 (Sat)
Sept. 1 (Thu) 13 (Tue)  day of  The Tutitomi 25 (Sun)
October 7 (Fri) 19 (Wed) 31 (Mon)
November 12 (Sat)  day of  The Tutitomi 24 (Thu)
December 6 (Tue) 18 (Sun) 30 (Fri)
The day of  The Tutitomi  is the Japanese zodiacal sign of the snake.
It is said that if you make a wish to the white snake (Snake), the messenger of Benzaiten, on the Snake Day, your wish will be delivered to Benzaiten.
As it is one of the auspicious days for money and fortune, the day of the snake is the auspicious day for Benzaiten.
Also, the day of the tsuchitomi comes once every 60 days.

This day is considered to be an even better day.

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