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what is a game center?

What is a Game Center?

Do you know Game Center?
In Japan, amusement arcades are called Game Center.
A game center is a place where you can play various games using large housing.

1, Prize game(arcade game where one can win a prize)

This is the mainstream genre in recent arcades.
Because everyone plays regardless of age or sex.
Prizes from stores such as dolls, figures, sweets, and character goods are different.
In Japan, this game console is called a UFO catcher.
The playing fee is about 100 yen to 500 yen.
But these days, it will cost at least 5000 yen to win one prize.
If you can not get it even if you try, you can get advice by consulting with a clerk.
There are also vices that can never be obtained.
Ease of acquisition varies from shop to shop, so please check it out.

2, Video game(A game that is mainly played by putting money)

This genre doesn’t give a prize even if you pay.
It is a game played by playing against Cpu or people.
Most of the play fees are 100 yen, but some are more expensive.
There are various types such as fighting, quizzes, racing, puzzle, shooting, Using cards specific to the game, etc.
Some of these can use a dedicated game record card so that you can record the wins and losses.
There are also shops that only run old games.

3, Music game(Games to play along with music)

This genre may be for maniacs.
There are many people who play very fast, but beginners can also enjoy it.
A company called Konami develops many games, but now SEGA and others also develop many games.
The playing fee is often 100 yen or 200 yen.
There are various types such as drums, guitars, DJs, and push buttons, but they are all interesting.
This genre also has cards that record play data.
If there is something you care about, you can play it.
There are many original musics that can only be heard in the game.

4, Vendor game(A game that always gives a prize)

There are also card games for children, but there aren’t many explanations as the cards come out in simple games and freebies.
This genre mainly wants to explain products called photo booths.
The photo booth is called ”purikura”
The playing fee is about 300 to 500 yen.
This photo booth takes a picture and puts letters and stamps on it.
The processed photo will then become a sticker and appear as a prize.
In many cases, it is not possible for men alone.
Since it is a procedure for many men to pick up, it is recommended to go with a woman when shooting.

5, Medal game (Play by exchanging money and dedicated coins)

Medal games first buy dedicated coins in cash.
The amount of coins differs depending on the store.
There are many small children and old people in this genre.
It’s like gambling without a freebie, and it’s a genre that spends a lot of money when you get hooked.
There are a wide variety of games to play, ranging from poker-like to original games.
You can deposit the accumulated medals but the period is not long.
Since the way to play is simple, there are many things that you can understand immediately if you look at it.
It’s interesting to observe various things because popular ones can’t be played easily.