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Town Map

Four main areas of Akihabara

1、Electric Town Area
This is the area right after you exit the Electric Town Exit area of Akihabara.
Since this area is close to the station and has a lot of tourists, there are a lot of stores selling manga, figures, plastic models, card games, etc., which are very popular in Akihabara.
There are also many stores that sell daily necessities, making it a good area for dates and sightseeing.
You don’t need to be a big fan of anime or games to enjoy this area.

2、Chuo-dori Area (Central street Area)
A short walk from Akihabara’s Electric Town Exit will take you to this area.
There are game centers, karaoke rooms, and large electronics stores.
Many of the famous maid cafes are also located in this area, so if you want to have fun in Akihabara, you should take a stroll in this area.
There are also duty free stores, cafes, and pubs, but most of them are franchises.

3、Ura-dori area (Back street Area)
This is the place where you can find all kinds of electronic parts, computer parts, weird electronics, maid cafes, and all other elements of Akihabara.
There are almost no stores in this area that are suitable for everyone.
But that’s exactly why it’s so fun to stroll around this area.
It is a bit far from the station, but if you want to enjoy Akihabara, you should definitely take a walk around this area.
There are also many ramen stores in this area.

4、Showa-dori Area
On this side, there is one of the largest Yodobashi Camera in Japan.
The products they sell may not be very unique, but they have the largest number of products in Japan.
The earphones, phone cases, gaming mice, keyboards, etc. are especially interesting to look at.
This is an area where you can have a drink while strolling around, as there are some private pubs in the alleys.

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