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what is a figure?

Gacha figure

There is an opportunity for a small ball to come out called Gacha Gacha.
You can buy one for about 100-500 yen.
You can easily purchase with a palm-sized doll.
Most of the colors were monochromatic, but recently there are many that are in color and many have high quality.
There are also specialty stores in Akihabara.
In addition, Akihabara sometimes sells these as a complete set.

Shokugan figure

Many of these are also palm-sized.
To the last, sweets are accessories, and sweets are mainly sold.
Therefore, most of them are sold in supermarkets and many of them can be purchased easily.
However, since there are many famous characters, there are not many maniacs.
Originally a company called Kaiyodo started.

Prize figure

Mainly refers to those obtained at game centers.
However, it often refers to the one that was won in the Itiban-kuji.
Itiban-kuji :Link
The amount is 100 yen or more.
Unless you get it in a game at a game center, you can not get it, so the amount of money is often high
What is a Game center(Click here for the game center article)

Akihabara stores often sell it, so if you want that figure, I recommend you to look for it.
Personally, quality ranges from low to high.
It is always recommended to check the quality with the real thing.
It’s often displayed in game centers.

Cast doll

Based on European dolls.
Recently, anime characters are used as dolls and some of them are very popular.
However, the price is so high that it is not easy to buy.
I also want the writer, but I can not buy it.
The shops are limited, but only very high quality shops.

※I am not very familiar with it, so I will add it as needed.

Garage kit

The garage kit will look like a plastic model.
However, the quantity is small because mass production is not performed using molds.
Therefore, it is said that there is a possibility of getting caught in copyright.
Therefore, it is often the case that a system is used that is created with permission.
The material uses what is called a resin cast.
By the way, there are few things that are sold in Akihabara.
Often only sold at events, so it is often difficult to buy.