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Akihabara was once a fruit and vegetable market, and even today there are many teishoku-ya (set meal restaurants) that retain vestiges of the old days.

And now it has flourished as a downtown area, including the establishment of numerous ramen shops.
Among them, we will pick out the most popular ones.


Tanaka Soba

Tanaka Soba is a restaurant that serves traditional ramen.

The ramen is characterized by its clear soup, yet it is rich and thick with pork back oil.

Miso ramen is also available, but the seasoning is just right, making it a good choice for those who want to try ramen for the first time.

If you like strong flavors, you may order the rich type from the beginning.

Miso ramen is also delicious.

It is a little hot, but even those who do not like spicy food can eat it. (It is chili pepper type hot)



Basic information

Business hours: 11:00~21:00

seats: 16
Counter seats only

Tori-King Keisuke

The restaurant is unique in that it makes its ramen from chicken broth.
The most famous is the “Tori-Paitan” series.
Because it is made from chicken broth, it is light, but by no means bland. The flavor is deep, but not too strong.
The most distinctive feature is that it contains a large piece of chicken.
You can eat it after transferring it to a separate plate, or you can eat it directly in the ramen. (It is hard to eat, so a separate plate is recommended.)
However, the quantity may seem a little small for men.
If you usually eat a lot of food, you may want to order a “large portion” with your meal. (The restaurant calls it “add noodle”).

Basic information

Business hours: 11:00~23:00

seats: 17
Counter seats only


In a word: “junk ramen.”
It is more like junk food anyway rather than ramen.
You will definitely want white rice with it when you eat it.
You can choose from three levels of meat to put on top.
The meat is then eaten with an egg on a separate plate. (It’s like sukiyaki.)
If you order white rice, you may eat it with white rice. It is a very good combination.
The thickness of the noodles is about medium-thick.
The soup has a strange taste, perhaps to avoid clashing with the thick meat.
It is hard to describe in words. However, it seems that there are two types of people who like it and dislike it.
Also, many women may not be able to finish it because of the large amount of fat.
If you go with more than one person, you may want to split it in half.

Basic information

Business hours: 11:00〜20:45

seats: 30
Counter seats 14seats
Table seats 16 seats


It is said that there are over 100 curry shops in Akihabara.
It may be a little different when it is said that curry has become so popular.
In Japan, curry is a “cheap, fast, and tasty” food.
Curry is the favorite of busy Japanese male workers.
Here are some of the most popular and tasty curry restaurants in Japan.

La hore

This restaurant, Lahore, is a curry shop that offers both Indian-style curry and Japanese-style curry.
The major difference is the spiciness.
The Japanese style is almost not spicy, while the Indian style is moderately spicy.
The Japanese style is almost never spicy, while the Indian style is moderately spicy, and a very spicy color called “black” is also available.
(There are five levels of spiciness to choose from.)
Black” is the most popular color at this restaurant.
However, there are times when it is too spicy to eat, so it is recommended to try the spicier ones little by little.

Basic information

Business hours: 11:00~20:00

seats: 12
Counter seats only

GO-GO Curry

Gogo Curry is called Kanazawa Curry, a style of curry popular in certain parts of Japan.

Its characteristics are
・The roux is thick and “sloppy! and thick.
・The curry roux is thick and “sloppy”, and there is a “cutlet” on top of the curry roux with sauce on top.
・It is served on a stainless steel boat-shaped plate.
・It is served on a stainless steel boat-shaped plate and eaten with a broken spoon or fork.
・The curry roux is poured over the whole cutlet.
・The curry roux is poured over the entire dish, leaving the rice completely invisible.

The curry is very hearty and tasty, but not too strong.
The cutlets are either chicken or pork.
The restaurant is small but clean.
and the portions range from small to XL, so you can have as much as you like.

Basic information

Business hours: 10:00~22:00
Last Order:21:55

seats: 17
Counter seats only


Carl's Jr

Carls Jr. is a franchised hamburger restaurant.
The first store was started in California, USA.
The restaurant is committed to using Angus beef.
The volume of the burgers is also large, which makes the price and size satisfactory.
It also has a drink bar format, which is unusual for a Japanese restaurant.
This makes it a useful place for those who want to work a little after dinner.

In addition, there are many collaborations with Akihabara events.

Basic information

Business hours: 9:00〜22:00
Last Order:21:30

seats: 57
Counter seats available
Table seats available


Shogun Burger is a hamburger store whose parent company is a yakiniku restaurant.
The concept is to serve 100% fresh Wagyu beef without freezing.
The price is not cheap, but once you try it, you will know that it is different from the hamburgers you usually eat.
It is also located in the easily accessible Akihabara UDX, so it does not take much time to get there from the station.
It is also the only place in Akihabara that serves vegan burgers.
This hamburger is made with soybeans and is recommended for those who want a refreshing hamburger.

Basic information

Business hours: 11:00~22:00
Last Order:21:30

seats: 24

Beef cutlet

Gyu-Katsu Ichi-NI-San

Beef cutlets have a long history, having been created in 1972.
Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular dishes and is less expensive than in the past.
Among such popular beef cutlets, this restaurant is one of the most popular.
The beef cutlet is served rare and grilled on both sides, similar to a steak, but with a completely different and new taste.
A mixed set meal of beef cutlet and beef tongue is also available for those who want to try both.

Basic information

Business hours
(Mon~Fri) 11:00~21:30
Last Order:20:30

(Sat,Sun,Holiday) 11:00~22:00
Last Order:21:00

seats: 13
Counter seats available
Table seats available

Maid Cafe


There are several famous maid cafes in Akihabara.
Among them are those with multilingual websites and stores in Thailand.
The prices are also easy to understand.
Most stores have a time charge and one order system.
The time charge is a fee for staying in the store for an hour (700 yen for an hour in this maid cafe).
In addition, each customer must order one drink and one food item.
In other stores, service charges and other fees are added without permission, which can cause trouble.
In this respect, I recommend this service because the fee is clear.

Basic information

Business hours: 
(Mon~Fri) 11:30~23:00

(Sat,Sun,Holiday) 10:30~23:00

seats: 38


@home cafe

Anyway, cute is the concept.
If you want to see something cute, this is the right place to go.
However, it is better to make a reservation in advance because it is so popular that you may need to make a reservation.

The way to find out if there is a wait list is to
(1) Check with the ticketing machine at the restaurant.
(2) Check on the Internet site.
Main store
Electric Town Street Store(Stores in Don Quijote)

There are also days when the ticketing machines are used from the time they open.
Reservations can only be made via the Internet.
①Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
②Special serving, cosplay day, and other events (any day of the week)

To make a reservation, you need to register on a website called E-park and make a reservation.
If possible, it is better to go on a weekday when it is not crowded.

Basic information

Business hours: 11:00~22:00

Official Homepage

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