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Meet The Founder

Nao koiwa

I have been passionate about anime and video games since I was in junior high school. After studying abroad in Toronto, Canada, I wanted to let people overseas know more about otaku culture, which led me to start this business.

Favorite anime are “Umi ga Kikoeru”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “Waiting in the Summer”, etc.

My favorite games are sound games and fighting games.

We Love To Explore New Worldwide Destinations

Akihabara is a town on the cutting edge of anime, which is becoming popular around the world. However, it would be difficult to play up this Akihabara in a short trip. We, as Akihabara professionals, are here to make sure you have a satisfying day!
Of course, we can go with you anywhere in Japan for any anime-related tour!

What iTour Can Offer You

which tour guides are better
like native english speaker
knowing in Akihabara?

I’ll show you what is the fun in Akihabara.
(but my English is not perfect)


Experienced guides

Ask me anything about anime, games, and especially Akihabara.

Guide like a friend

Traveling may be more fun with friends. We give friendly tours rather than business tours.


photography tours

Capture your journey with a single-lens reflex camera


advanced trips

Plan the most sightseeing tours.

Past tours conducted

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Akihabara.