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Guide to Akihabara

Akihabara, the otaku town that now attracts worldwide attention.
We will help you find what you want to buy and where you want to go amidst the many stores.
Why don’t you experience the excitement of Akihabara?

I’m submitting a walking tour of Akihabara to Airbnb.
Check it out if you’re interested!

Your Exclusive Tour

As anime became popular, many places in Japan became anime filming locations called “seichi.
In addition, with the spread of the Internet, it has become easy to find out about places in Japan.
However, there are still few websites that provide a comprehensive list of “seichi” anime locations, and it is still difficult to make a trip satisfying and enjoyable.


We can help you to create a tour plan and compile the information for you.
(Please note that the quality of our services will be lower if you ask us to do so in a short period of time. (We recommend that you consult with us in advance.)

Travel planning services

Create a travel plan for Tokyo, with a focus on Akihabara

Are you thinking of doing this? I don’t want to order a tour, but I need some advice about traveling. I want to do this kind of shopping but don’t know where to go. I want to do something for a certain amount of money. We will make a travel plan according to your request.

The created tour will be saved in an application called Wanderlog, so you can look back on it later. Why don’t you request a slightly maniacal trip?




I love Ghibli, Rumiko Takahashi’s works, and Sakura Wars.
I am an otaku who is familiar with many aspects of anime, video games, and manga.

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