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What can I do in Akihabara?

Akihabara specializes in subcultures such as anime, games, and cosplay. The number of anime goods stores, game stores, PC stores, maid cafes and game centers is probably the largest in Tokyo. Nakano Broadway has many retro goods, Ikebukuro concentrates on products for women, and Akihabara is especially large in PC products.

I have a specific anime I want to buy or find merchandise for.

If you request in advance, we can show you around Akihabara after looking for specific goods.

If it is a popular and recent anime, we can guide you right away.

We all want to see different places.

If you make a request in advance, we can show you the recommended spots for all of us.

We will guide you so that you are not separated from each other, so you can take your time to see what you like.

I would like you to show me around Tokyo by car.

I am only an interpreter. It is forbidden in Japan to give directions in a car with only a translator’s license.

If you arrange a rental car, it is possible for me to guide you by car. (There is a separate rental car fee.)

Cabs are also available, but will also require an additional cab fee.

What kind of person are you to interpret for us?

I am a Japanese who has loved anime, manga, and video games since junior high school. 

I originally worked for a company and studied abroad in Canada for two years. In Japan, I no longer need a license to work as an interpreter, so I am currently doing this job. I have knowledge of anime and games, so I would like to show you around Akihabara while telling you various interesting stories.


Planning a travel schedule can be very difficult.
Contact us for a consultation, which is free of charge!

If you would like to make a reservation, please contact us here as well.