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What is a Seichi?

What is a Seichi (Otaku mecca)?

A Seichi (Otaku mecca) refers to the actual place that was set in the anime.
Any place that is set as a stage for movies, novels, animations, etc. can be called A Seichi (Otaku mecca).
Also, visiting the place is called ” a pilgrimage to the Seichi (Otaku mecca)”
One of the most famous ones is the Saginomiya Shrine that appears as a stage in “Lucky Star”.

The origin of this pilgrimage to a holy place is Nagano Prefecture, where a manga and anime series called “Ultimate Superhero Aaru” was animated in 1992.
However, it was not until 2000 that this
a pilgrimage to the Seichi (Otaku mecca) became a regular event.
The reason for this was simply that it was time-consuming to draw the backgrounds in accordance with the actual locations using analog techniques.
The “
a pilgrimage to the Seichi (Otaku mecca)” was born in the process of digitally drawing animated films.

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