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Location of Steins;Gate (Akihabara)

Synopsis of Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is the story of college student Rintaro Okabe. Okabe is the leader of the “Future Gadget Laboratory” and spends his days working on weird inventions with his members Itaru Hashida and his childhood friend Mayuri Shiina. One day, he goes to Radio Hall to see a time travel theory advocated by a man named Chubachi.

At the presentation, Okabe saw a girl named Kurisu Makise lying in a pool of blood. Rintaro Okabe immediately leaves the place and reports the situation to Hashida by e-mail, at which time the world is distorted and the first world line shift in this work begins.

A world line, also called a parallel world, refers to the countless number of worlds that are different from the world we actually live in. All kinds of worlds exist with different world lines, including worlds where you are not yourself, worlds where your own gender is different, and so on.

However, even if there are countless world lines, one can always live in only one world. In addition, when a person moves from one world line to another, he or she loses all memories of the other world line.

In this work, the world lines are shifted many times, but the main character, Rintaro Okabe, has the ability of an observer called “Reading Steiner” and has the special ability to retain the memories of the previous world line even if he is shifted.

Location of Akihabara

Akihabara Station

When Steins;Gate is mentioned in Akihabara, this is probably the first place that comes up. Unfortunately, the appearance of the building has changed due to reconstruction.

Radio Kaikan

When Steins;Gate is mentioned in Akihabara, this is probably the first place that comes up. Unfortunately, the appearance of the building has changed due to reconstruction.


A scene from one of the anime episodes in which the main character, Rintaro Okabe, is alone and moves through time.
If you want to experience the same atmosphere as in the anime, go early in the morning when there are no people around.

Cafe Mai:lish

Cafe Mai:lish is the model for the maid cafe where Mayuri Shiina and Faith Nyan Nyan work.
The maid cafe is still in operation today, so you can experience the feelings of Okabe and her friends by having lunch here!

Future gadjet lab

The model location for Okabe and his team’s lab, the Future Gadget Laboratory. Although the same building does not exist, it is said to have been modeled after the surrounding buildings.

Yanamori shirine

The location was modeled after the shrine that is the family home of Ruka Urushibara, also a member of the lab.
The IBM 5100, an important item in this story, was kept there. The staircase and the road are often seen in the anime, and the precincts of the shrine are modeled after the Akiba Shrine.

Akiba shrine

The site was modeled after the precincts of Ruka Urushibara’s shrine.
The name is Akiba Shrine, but it is quite far from Akihabara.
Most of the depictions of the shrine in the anime are here.

Gyudon sanbo

A restaurant where Okabe and his friends often eat beef bowl. The restaurant has a long history and is popular for its delicious food. If you are an otaku, you have eaten there at least once.

Shin-ochanomizu Station

This is the station Shiina Mayuri and I headed to when escaping from Akihabara. It is a little far from Akihabara, but the atmosphere is still the same. Watch your step!

Mansei bridge

The bridge from which the IBM 5100 was transported. It is also a bridge that symbolizes Akihabara. The nearby yakiniku restaurant MANSEI is also famous.

Kanda Fureai Bridge

It is a small bridge, but there are numerous depictions of it in the animation in the middle of the bridge and on the stairway section. Although in a different direction from the lab, the area around this bridge has many scenes similar to those seen in the anime, so let’s take a walk around it as well!

Akihabara cross field

When it comes to large monitors in Akihabara, this is the place to go. It is also in front of the station and one of the most impressive scenes. It is often used in character conversation scenes. You can discover a lot by looking at it from various directions.

MAP (GOOGLE MAP) summarizing the location

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