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What is a Maid cafe?

What is a Maid cafe?

Maid cafe is a kind of cafe in Japan.
Japanese people have the impression that ordinary maids have long skirts and gentleness.
However, the maid cafe welcomes customers with short skirts and cute voices.
Also, in recent years, there have been shops with various concepts.
There are various kinds of ninja, sister-like, tsundere, cosplay etc.
Recently, maid casinos, maid karaoke, and tourist information are also popular.

Maid Cafe History

The maid cafe is said to have started from an anime concept cafe.
The anime is “Welcome to Pia♡ Carrot!! 2″(『Pia♡キャロットへようこそ!!2』)
At that time, it was held at a limited-time event, but soon it will become popular and a maid cafe will be permanently installed.

After that, in Japan, dramas and movies on the theme of “train man” became popular. (Train man is Densha Otoko in English)
The main character is a male geek who likes anime and has never talked with women. Otaku has 2 channels on the internet bulletin board to help fellows who do not know the face to cooperate and draw the process of dating a woman who he met.

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In that year, an idol with Akihabara as an active area was also born.
They are called “AKB48”
In addition, “moe” that was popular among nerds at this age was generally recognized.
(In Japanese, “萌え=moe”
The word “welcome back home, Master” is also a popular word at this time.
(In Japanese, o-ka-e-ri-na-sa-i-ma-se, go-shu-ji-n-sa-ma)

However, a lot of maid cafes have appeared in Akihabara several years ago so as to be immersed in such businesses.
I heard from the Japanese author that there are many malicious stores and that some foreigners charge more than Japanese
If you are going to a maid cafe, you should make a reservation or choose a famous store.
This site also introduces recommended maid cafes.
I would be happy if you could use it as a reference.