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List of Otaku Tours

Enter the world of animation yourself by traveling to animated locations

The world of animation is often linked to the real world. In most cases, anime takes place in Japan. 

Why not leave your memories in the same place as your favorite anime?

Tour to enter the world of animation

The tour was conceived to allow visitors to experience all the shopping and fun while entering the world of animation.

These tours have been popular with Japanese visitors in the past, and now we have decided to offer them in English as well.
Why don’t you all take a look at them?

These are tour contents created based on what we have guided our overseas friends when they have visited us in the past.
The anime-related content will be a bit thin, but there are pieces of anime everywhere in Tokyo.
We hope you will enjoy this tour as we introduce them to you.

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Akihabara.