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English or Japanese

Up to 5people 


15,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 5,000 JPY/person

Shoes that are easy to walk in

Example of tour plan








Meeting Point

At your Hotel    or    Shinjuku Station

Guide to Seichi near Shinjuku Station

“Your Name” and “weathering with you”

Lunch at the model of the restaurant where Taki works

Restaurant near Shinjuku Gyoen.

Tour of the Seichi of "The Garden of Words" at Shinjuku Gyoen


Tour of "Your Name" Seichi in Shinanomachi and Yotsuya

We will take moderate breaks as we walk quite a distance.

Tour of Seichi around the Japanese Garden of Hotel New Otani

Partly a Seichi for “Your Name”

Returned to Shinjuku and shopped at stores related to anime, etc.

The store will change according to the goods you want and your needs.

Tour ends at Shinjuku Station.

We will send you the photos and other data at a later date.

What to expect on this tour

Flexible tour

We can change our tours based on changes in schedule or requests for places you want to visit in advance!

Tour guides take photos.

We will record your trip with a SLR camera.
I will send you the data later.
Almost all the photos on this site were taken by us!

Resume will be used to explain the tour

Ipad is used to explain photos and data in an easy-to-understand manner.

You can go to places because We are Otaku

We offer tours because we are Otaku.
Do you need a guide for an ordinary trip?

Inclusions & Exclusions


Guide fee
Transportation cost of the guide within Tokyo


Transportation cost of you
Lunch cost of you and the guide
Entrance fees


Planning a travel schedule can be very difficult.
Contact us for a consultation, which is free of charge!

If you would like to make a reservation, please contact us here as well.

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