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Dead by Daylight festival in Akihabara

In Akihabara, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT ✕ AKIHABARA FESTIVAL is currently being held. 

 The period is 2021/12/2~2021/12/19.
As a DBD player myself, I participated in the event.

I participated in the stamp rally, shopped at the pop store, and got a killer sticker.

First, about the stamp rally
First, You should get a stamp rally form.
The forms are distributed at various locations, but by the time I got there, some of the forms were gone.
I had the impression that many stores had already distributed them, especially around the Electric Town station.
I was able to get a form at “The AkiBa Gift Shop” in Radio Kaikan.

The location is indicated by the star in the form.
There are seven locations in total, and if you get stamps (generators) at five of them, you will receive a prize.
The color of the stamps is different for each store, which motivates the participants.
(If these stamps were available for sale, I would have loved to buy one.)
I focused on the stores at the Electric Town exit.
(I would have loved to buy this stamp if it was available.
I was satisfied because I was able to meet Huntress.
Once you’ve gotten your five stamps, head to THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER.
The location is a little south of Yodobashi Camera.
The inside is also DBD-spec, so it’s hard not to get excited.

I was able to get my hands on a B5 size clear file, but I couldn’t think of any use for it, so I decided to keep it as a souvenir.

At the pop-up store, there was a wide range of goods from dolls to hoodies.
However, since I’m forced to save money, I bought the Survivor ver. and Killer ver. trading rubber charms.
If you buy more than 3,000 yen, you can get a sticker.
Incidentally, the results of opening the package at home were as follows.

I was also able to get a sticker for purchasing more than 1,000 yen during the break.
It was the Trickster, and personally, I like the pose of him throwing the knife best.
Since there was nothing more to buy, I was only able to collect one sticker.
It’s just a shame.

There is also an online store for goods.
Shipping is only available in Japan, but AKIBA OTAKU also offers proxy pickup and overseas shipping.
If you really want to buy the goods, we may be able to help you